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ORDA Founded Social Enterprises

Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara (ORDA) has carried out resettlement and relief assistance activities for the people who were affected by famine, migration and war in the country until 1996.  Following that the organization fruitfully achieved magnificent development agendas. Currently, ORDA has been contributing a lot in delivering safe water supply, hygiene and sanitation works, modern irrigation schemes, afforestation and protection of natural forests, advanced watershed development, soil and water conservation techniques, improved crop varieties & livestock resources, food security,  nutrition and  developed saving culture  integrating its development activities with cross cutting issues like gender, Youth employment & HIV/AIDS prevention.  Hence, ORDA is the prime strategic partner of the people of Amhara and the government in filling developmental gaps..

ORDA secured its grand source of budget from the international donors & agencies. The organization usually gets into implementation just on donor driven development projects. Donor budget is also tied up with preconditions and specified in time, money and area. On the other hand, the amount needed for implementing the project might be below the required or late cash flow of donors is an impediment. Moreover, the unpredictability of global political situations has negative impact on ensuring funds sustainably from donors. Therefore, it’s the right time to ORDA to set up social enterprises in order to generate income and address the public social and economic benefits equitably. When ORDA generates its own finance, it strategically implements short and long term community-based programs to a great extent.

ORDA, in accordance with the Ethiopian Charities and Societies Agency, founded social enterprises to strengthen sustainable development actions in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. Funds obtained from international donors and partners will be also strengthened with financial resources generated from social enterprises.

In 2016, ORDA founded Abay Construction Enterprise mandated to construct water points and modern irrigation schemes and Bahir Dar Tissue Culture Center to deliver farmers & private sector agriculturalists diseases free seeds not only for the sake of empowering the organization financially but also ORDA gives due attention in boosting productivity. This organization has a wonderful contribution that it previously founded Gafat Endowment which comprises 4 companies in it (Tana Flora, Mekdella Machinery rental P.L.C, Tis Esat water works and Lalibela Design and Consultancy Enterprise). Currently, these enterprises are actors of the regional development.

In order to make ORDA, a strong and reliable developmental partner of the people and government of Ethiopia particularly Amhara, it really demands everyone’s support and contribution in knowledge, finance and labor in setting up income generating and social enterprises. ORDA calls for an active involvement of the community, local bodies and other stakeholders to strengthen the existing enterprises and formation of new social institutions.


ORDA engaged in social enterprises/IGAs/ to ensure financial sustainability and thereby achieve the missions of the organization.  So far, the organization established two enterprises namely Abay construction Enterprise (ACE) and Bahir Dar Plant Tissue Culture Enterprise (BPTCE) at the end 2016. 

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